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Oh no! You are racing, but your motorcycle is crap so you need to use turbo and petrol cans to fill up your tiny gasoline tank!


Left/Right arrow keys - Turn left/right

X - Gas

Z - Brakes (but you probably won't need it much, if at all)

X+Up/Down arrow keys - Go faster/slower

Code and sound effects - Karu

Graphics - Piku

Music - Speedweaver

It's actually my first complete game, so even if it's not perfect, I'm kinda proud. Development took 7 days and I've learned a lot. Might work on some more stages for it in the future, maybe better AI and sound options to change sound/music volume.

Made in Game Maker Studio.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreSimulation, Racing
TagsGame Boy, motorbike, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds


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Fun, challenging, variegate, well coded and better than the similar arcade RallyBike that is ruined by too mutch high game speed :)

Thanks for the praise, man! I think there's still a lot of room for improvement though :) As for Rally Bike, I played the NES port of that as a kid (and really loved it, but looking back now it wasn't that great), and the game was partially inspired by it. I was wondering if anyone will notice the similarities, turns out someone did :D

eheh, the main clue is the accel+up control method, the confirm is the fuel :) I didn't know about game ports, i'll go to find out...

Question time: In RallyBike, the fuel is the time, so there is no strategy to preserve fuel by using less or more the "+up" movement. But in your game how it works? because i've configured the gamepad (via the xpadder prog) with accel+up in a single button, and i'm afraid to consume more fuel :P

Going fast doesn't consume more fuel for sure. After taking a peek into the code it seems to be depeding on your speed minus the boost powerup, and of course it only depletes when you hold accel button. The code was a mess just like I remembered it, I'd probably take a different approach if I were making something like that again :'D